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The first product, offered August 5, 2009, was the 24oz Stainless Steel bottle. Our first lot of 36 white bottles was a unique design and was not repeated. Future orders contain a couple of slight modifications. Maybe some day the original 36 will be a collector's item.

Additional products came October 15, 2009 with the introduction of a 20oz ceramic mug. This was added due to the large number of requests for a product that would be more suitable for home and office. The large 20oz size is great for soup or hot cereals in addition to your coffee and tea.

The 18oz stainless steel vacuum bottle was introduced January 22, 2010. After sampling many different types, we selected a simple twist off lid and a slim design. This product has proven to be very popular.

April 2011 was the launch of our latest product, an 18oz Stainless Steel bottle with optional sports top. Once again, this addition was driven by requests from many of our customers for a smaller bottle for their children or easier to carry in a bag or purse.

The Gratitude and Love Bottle was an inspired idea. There was no long planning process or life long dream to get into the water bottle business, it just happened and happened so quickly it must have been meant to be. Just 1 month between the idea and having the first bottles for sale.

The design came to me in my sleep. I awoke one morning with this idea to create a design with multiple languages. I had been reading Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water, so the Gratitude and Love crystal was fresh in my mind. Emoto found that Gratitude and Love produced the most beautiful crystal. This crystal appeared more similar to the Gratitude crystal than the Love crystal. Leading him to believe that Gratitude is dominate. The final design incorporated 12 words of Gratitude and 6 words of Love, matching the 2:1 ratio of water - H2O.
The multiple languages promote a universal connection and global appeal. With so much hatred in the world, something is needed to bring us together.

The passion comes from being an avid scuba diver and photographer; I constantly see the pollution in the ocean. After 30+ years of diving and 20+ years of teaching, I am still thrilled to be able to stay underwater, observe the life and share this experience with others. However, on every dive now, I see trash in the ocean as well as lots of trash on the beach. There are plastic bottles everywhere: in the gutters, littering parks, on the beach and floating in the ocean.

The need arose out of being out of work for over 2 years. Having lost my corporate job in early 2007 and then with the downturn in the economy, a new job opportunity did not look promising. After personally seeing that the corporate life was neither rewarding nor offered assured longevity, creating a business that we owned was appealing. We would like to share this with others through our affiliate program or fund raisers.

The "selling" of the need to drink water from disposable plastic bottles has been a huge marketing success over the last decade. It is amazing that we have been sold on the idea to spend a 1000 times more on water just for the convenience of having it is a single serving bottle. What I found when researching the life cycle of water bottles was even worse that I had imagined. The global process is explained very well in the video "The Story of Bottled Water" by Annie Leonard (

The opportunity is here to use the website as an educational tool. The website provides information and links on the advantages of removing disposable plastic bottles from use and the good that can come from focusing on Gratitude and Love. We, of course, are grateful for your purchases and spreading Gratitude and Love.

The Mission of Gratitude and Love Bottles is to reduce plastic bottle use. Gratitude and Love Bottles was conceived with the mission to provide a safe alternative to disposable and reusable plastic bottles while spreading a positive message. Our motto, "Good for the Planet, Good for the People," describes the fundamental drive for our company.
Our Mission:
• Eliminate plastic bottles that pile up in landfills or pollute the environment.
• Save your family or business money
• Provide a safe product - NO BPA, NO LEAD
• Raise global awareness of the need for more Gratitude and Love

Robert Weeks - Creator and owner of Gratitude and Love Bottles

Gratitude And Love design with Languages